SIP Automatic Sanitising

SIP Automatic Ozone Sanitisation with Energy and Carbon Saving

  • SIP can be installed on all of our Floor Standing POU and Bottled Coolers, except for the Direct Chill ArcticChill Cooler.
  • SIP consists of a small Ozone generator and a pump. Ozone is created from air (Oxygen) and tiny bubbles of Ozone are then pumped into the Water Tank and Trail. Following ozonation clear air is blown through the ozonated water to return the Ozone to Oxygen. All this happens for 20 mins at a factory set time of 03.00
  • SIP Ozone is a very strong oxydising agent which kills bacteria. Ozone occurs naturally and is not harmful to humans.

With SIP in place you can reduce your sanitising regime by half. For POU Coolers to 1 x per year and for Bottled Coolers to 2 x per year. SIP sanitising 24/7 days and 365 nights ensures optimum Cooler hygiene.

There is another significant advantage which your customers will like. You can use SIP to put the Water Cooler into an overnight “Sleep Mode”. By turning the Cooler and Boiler off from say 7pm to 7am, your customer would save up to £100 pa with a Hot & Cold Water Cooler.

At the same time it eliminates the (electricity generating) related carbon footprint.

Have a look at the SIP Video which explains the process in graphic detail -